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DT Manufacturing thermoforms protective covers, dunnage, decorative interior/exterior components for the automotive, heavy truck, marine, consumer, medical and aftermarket industries.

DT injection molds, laminate "in-mold" injection molding, laminates product for all industries, and has a full service urethane molding shop, including the ability to "spray on" urethane for applications requiring it. Urethane products include custom sheets, rod, tubing, and custom molded shapes, fixtures and tooling.

Plastic Injection Molding

Working with our customers from initial design concepts, we help deliver the most suitable and cost-effective solution to meet their requirements, offering our extensive advice as it's needed.

Innovation - We help you solve tough injection molding problems.

Cost Savings - We offer our customers single plastic parts.

High and Low Volumes - Our systems allow us to be competitive on both high and low volume projects.

Great People - We realize that what really makes a successful program is the people. Our clients can always speak to someone who is actually working on their project.

Competitive - We do everything at a great price!

Custom Thermoformed Plastics

Thermoforming is a means of shaping a thermoplastic sheet to conform to the contour of a mold through the use of heat and pressure, either positive or vacuum. Plastic is heated to a predetermined temperature at which the plastic softens but is below its melt temperature. It is stretched to cover the contours of a mold with the use of a vacuum and cooled to a temperature at which the thermoplastic becomes rigid, thus retaining the shape of the mold. The formed part is then trimmed to eliminate edges, decorated, and/or fabricated into an end-use article.

Mold Manufacture

DT Manufacturing can take care of your product from design to delivery! Our technicians work with you on a one-on-one basis to ensure that quality and precision are competitive with today's market. We offer the following services:

Long & Short Runs

We manufacture long and short production runs of simple and complex parts. DT Manufacturing has the resources to satisfy the requirements for precision machined parts manufactured to close tolerances. We strive to find the most cost-effective approach to your manufacturing needs.